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Lisa Loud is an award-winning FinTech influencer and international bi-lingual speaker on the practical applications of blockchain, WEB3, DeFi, NFTs, and new trends in cryptocurrency. Lisa is the CEO and co-founder of FLUIDEFI INC, cloud-based software as a service (SAAS) platform for professional investors & financial institutions to manage, transact, transfer, and track digital assets and digital asset pools.

Lisa’s entrepreneurial success and FinTech expertise make her a sought-after speaker on topics such as decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, the future of FinTech, financial inclusion, and supporting women in finance.

As an expert attuned to the latest WEB3 and fintech innovations, Lisa can explain the complexity of blockchain and its value-generating opportunities using imaginative metaphors. Lisa also brings in crucial lessons learned from her previous high-profile work experiences with PayPal, ShapeShift, Oracle, and Apple, focusing on engaging storytelling.

Lisa has spoken at MONEY 2020, the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit, ETHDenver, Consensus Blockchain Week NY, NFT Summit, and the Fintech Design Summit. Lisa is recognized as one of the top 101 Women in Crypto by the Crypto Curry Club. She has been featured in the Financial Times, Fintech.TV, BlockTribune, Finextra and Crowdfund Insider.

Lisa is a native speaker of English and French and can deliver talks virtually or in person.

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Co-founder and CEO

September 2020 - present

Vice Chair Quantum Algorithms Standards WG

IEEE Standards Association
June 2021 - present

GM of Digital Assets & Blockchain

Zytara Inc.
2020 - present


2019 - 2020

Head of Marketing

2017 - 2018

Head of US Digital Acquisition - Merchant

2014 - 2017

Website Manager - North America

2010 - 2014

Sr. Program Manager, Canada

2008 - 2010

Lead Engineer for Interactive TV

1999 - 2001

Development manager at Apple - Claris Corporation

Apple Inc.
1995 - 1999

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Growing Your
FinTech Startup



“Lisa is thoughtful in her approach to management and uses data for analysis to make informed, defensible decisions. She is not satisfied with simply accepting the status quo and pushed us to challenge our product and market assumptions by taking an honest look at current strategies in light of the ever-changing conditions in our unique sector.”
Justin Harris, CPA
Director of Finance
“Lisa excels at cutting through the crap to focus on what really matters and will move the needle on business performance. And she does it in such a disarming, positive and educational way that everyone enjoys and benefits from the experience.”
Lance Loveday
Board Member, Sacramento Angels
“Lisa is a big-picture strategic thinker who also understands and appreciates the finer details that must comprise any successful endeavor. Her ability to identify the resources and contacts who are best-suited to bring her vision to life is impressive.”
Amy Kapell
Senior Project Manager, Website Integrations and Strategic Enablement, PayPal.com
“Lisa is able to understand market opportunities, creative concepts, and then bring them to life to meet business goals. I hired Lisa to amplify the company's voice and communications strategy to our key stakeholders in the USA, India, SE Asia and beyond. Lisa raised our game with video productions and end to end marketing that supported our goals. She is unflappable when it comes to tight deadlines and always delivers.”
Judith Coley
Corporate Communications Executive | Global


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